Mint, Karnak Farm

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If you think you know mint, this one may surprise you: from its floral aroma, balanced flavor and chartreuse color when brewed, this is a mellow and buttery take on the beloved herbal. It’s grown on an organic farm in southern Maine from a lesser-known variety called apple mint or woolly mint (Mentha suaveolens).

The purity of flavor comes from careful production: the farmer harvests only the first cut of the leaves—most mint herbals contain a blend of the first and the lower-oil-content second cuts. After several days of solar drying, the leaves are then gently machine-threshed and cut to yield consistent size. Naturally caffeine-free, this fragrant infusion will relax and soothe.

Country: United States
Region: Maine
Tasting Notes: soft, sweet, buttery
Year of Production: Summer 2020

2 oz


Brew temperature     210º F
Western style brewing     3-4 grams, 5 minute steep

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rich and satisfying

Who knew mint could have this kind of a mouth feel? It's wondrous.