Folk Art Bingcha

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Harvested and pressed into a traditional bingcha shape in 2005, this green (sheng) pu-erh is from Qian Jia Zhai in northeastern Yunnan. The flavor is smooth and slightly earthy, with a fresh aroma of cut bamboo; the pleasantly sweet aftertaste holds up through many infusions. It has aged well, and is excellent to drink now. The wrapping paper is a folk art design representing the native birds and trees in the local old forests.

Steep with water just under boiling (195–200° F); rinse leaves quickly before the first infusion, and enjoy multiple cups from the same leaves.

Country: China
Region: Yunnan
Tasting Notes: bamboo, earthy, smooth
Year of Production: 2005

380 g


Brew temperature    195-200º F
Western style brewing    3-5 grams, 3 minute steep
Gaiwan style brewing    ⅓ full, 10-30 second steep