Blue Hare's Fur Gaiwan (3 oz)

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With a vibrant turquoise glaze in the traditional Chinese hare's fur pattern, this sturdy gaiwan is both a beautiful and effective tea steeping vessel. The style of delicately streaked glazing over stoneware—or Jian ware—was created in Fujian during the Song Dynasty. Prized for its deep, vibrant colors and heat-retention properties, this teaware remains ideal for everyday tea drinking or for more formal gongfu cha service.

The gaiwan’s body, or wan, evolved from the simple bowl originally used to hold powdered tea. The wide shape allows the leaves to expand and release their full potential of fragrance and flavor while the fluted edge stays cool, enabling one to grasp and pour. The lid, or gai ("to cover"), is essential as a strainer; tilted open, it allows the infusion to be decanted while holding back the tea leaves.

Gaiwans come in many sizes and materials, most often nonporous glazed porcelain or ceramic so as to avoid taking on any aromas. Try one to experiment with multiple infusions, and enjoy how the tea leaves’ appearance and taste evolves through each.

Measures 2.5" H, 3.5" W