Bodoland Breakfast

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Wake up with this bright tea from the Bodoland region in northeastern India's Assam. Produced organically on a small 4-acre farm, the hand-picked leaves have a sweet, fruity aroma, with a pleasant note of wintergreen. Lighter than a traditional Assam tea, the flavor is well balanced, almost reminiscent of a Ceylon black tea.

Assam is one of the teas traditionally used in breakfast blends; try this version to experience a single-lot, nuanced taste of this lush region.

Country: India
Region: Assam
Tasting Notes: wintergreen, sweet cherry, earthy
Harvest Season: Summer 2019

4 oz or 1 lb

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Brew temperature   210º F
Western style brewing   3-4 grams, 3 minute steep
Gaiwan style brewing   ¼ full, 30 second-1 minute steep