Darjeeling 1st Flush, Jungpana Estate Sample

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Try a small size—about three servings—of our Darjeeling 1st Flush black tea. Click here to order regular retail sizes.

The Jungpana Estate, at 5,000 feet elevation, was founded in 1899 and remains one of the most remote in the mountainous Darjeeling region. This early lot reveals enticing notes of roasted almond, with a pleasantly fruity flavor of melon and passionfruit balanced with earthy artichoke.

First flush is an eagerly anticipated harvest for tea drinkers: Light-bodied and fragrant, the season usually begins around early April and only lasts a few weeks. It’s the first picking of bushes that have lain dormant all winter, and offers a brilliant snapshot of springtime.

Country: India
Tasting Notes: roasted almond, cantaloupe, artichoke

Approximately three servings


Brew temperature   200º F

Western style brewing   3-4 grams, 3 minute steep

Gaiwan style brewing   ¼ full, 30 second-1 minute steep

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