Yiwu Wannian Xiang Bingcha

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This sheng or green bingcha is made from second flush tea, harvested in the Yiwu region of Yunnan, in southern China. Known for its round and rich character after aging, Yiwu is one of the most sought after base teas used to make pu-erh.

It was produced in 2002, and has developed a unique, dried fruit aroma and full flavor that lasts through many infusions. To brew, gently flake off a small section of leaves from the cake, and steep with water just below boiling.

Country: China
Region: Yunnan Province
Tasting Notes: sandalwood, dried fig, date
Year of Production: 2002

380 g


Brew temperature200-210º F
Western style brewing3-5 g, 3 mins steep
Gaiwan style brewing1/3 full, 10-30 sec steep