Assam English Breakfast Teabags

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Enjoy the convenience of a teabag of Assam, a delicious single-estate black tea from the Doomni Estate in northeastern India. Malty and rich, it's a satisfying breakfast tea on its own, or enjoyed with milk and sugar.

The material for our teabags is completely plant-derived, and they are electrostatically sealed—without glue or staples—so the pure flavor and aroma of the tea can shine through.

Country: India
Region: Assam
Tasting Notes: malt, plum, sandalwood
Year of Production: 2019

12 or 100 individually wrapped teabags; or 100 bulk (unenveloped) teabags


Brew temperature  210º F
Western style brewing  2-3 minute steep

Customer Reviews

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How did I drink tea before

I discovered this tea while out to lunch with my daughter. It was love at first sight! I have been drinking tea for many years and my generations before me. I was so delighted when I was able to order online. My shipment came so fast and the ordering was easy. I'm tempted to try another flavor, but right now I'm enjoying the Assam English Breakfast. My only regret is that more restaurants don't have this available for customers.

My New Favorite Tea!

I love this fresh, flavorful tea! Really appreciate the organic silken bags that do not contaminate the tea leaves during brewing. Pure tea at its best!


This is the most delicious tea I’ve ever had. Tried it first time yesterday with heated milk. It was heaven. I could give up coffee for this tea.