Ceylon Orange Pekoe Sample

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Try a small size—about three servings—of our Ceylon black tea. Click here to order regular retail sizes.

Hailing from Sri Lanka, Ceylon tea yields a classic British-style cup and is often used in breakfast tea blends. This unblended single lot, grown in the low-elevation Ratnapura district, is a superior grade (FBOPFEXSP) from New Vithanakande Estate. For this type, only the top quality tea leaves are hand-picked and carefully processed. Note the sheen on the deep-brown, delicately twisted leaves, interspersed with abundant silver and golden buds. These buds contribute exquisite flavor to a brisk and honeyed infusion, with hints of baked goods, citron, and sundried tomato, and a pleasant, lingering astringency.

Country: Sri Lanka
Tasting Notes: walnut, molasses, toast

Approximately three servings


Brew temperature    210º F
Western style brewing    3-4 grams, 3 minute steep
Gaiwan style brewing    ¼ full, 30 second-1 minute steep

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