Himalayan Black Sample

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Try a small size—about three servings—of our Himalayan Black tea. Click here to order regular retail sizes.

Nepalese tea stands at a crossroads, both in geography and process. Surrounded by China and India, orthodox production in this mountainous country is relatively new; the Jun Chiyabari tea garden, which makes this black tea, was founded in 2001. Utilizing cultivars from nearby Darjeeling, and techniques from Taiwan and Japan, this organic farm crafts unique varieties.

Harvested at elevations near 6,000 feet, this leaf has undergone a long period of withering, careful rolling and oxidation. The result is a cup reminiscent of a Chinese black tea, but with more soft fruitiness. The rich fragrance of brown sugar and black cherries round out this sweet and fragrant tea.

Country: Nepal
Tasting Notes: brown sugar, black cherry, wood

Approximately three servings


Brew temperature 210º F

Western style brewing 3-4 grams, 3 minute steep

Gaiwan style brewing ¼ full, 30 second-1 minute steep