Horse Shu Pu-erh Bamboo Stick, 2017

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This shu-style pu-erh was harvested and processed in Yunnan in 2017, then packed into bamboo tubes for aging. 

A traditional form of pu-erh—thanks to the region’s widespread bamboo forests—it gains a slight note of camphor from the wood. A sweet aroma, pleasant mouth-drying texture and notes of sandalwood and earth round out the cup, offering a deep yet clean flavor that lasts for many infusions.

The bamboo is pre-split, allowing easy access to the tea leaves; simply flake off a small portion into a vessel, rinse the leaves briefly in boiling water, and discard. You may now begin brewing the tea, which will last through several infusions.

Country: China
Region: Yunnan Province
Tasting Notes: clay, sugarcane, sandalwood
Year of Production: 2017

~200 g


Brew temperature 210º F
Western style brewing 3-5 grams, 3 minute steep
Gaiwan style brewing ⅓ full, 15-30 second steep