Jingmai Brick 2004

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This large brick, made on a small family farm on Jingmai Mountain in 2004, is a traditional compressed form of pu-erh. Made with a slight shu processing—using a minimal amount of introduced moisture—the flavor offers an intriguing balance between lightly earthy and warming, and pleasantly fresh and tart. It's rounded from the first cup, with a sweet aroma of clay and rose that lasts through many infusions. Subtle notes of wood and orange peel linger, making this a balanced, easy-to-drink pu-erh.

To brew, gently unwrap the covering and flake off a small portion of the brick; rinse tea leaves briefly in boiling water. Enjoy multiple cups from the same leaves, tracing the arc of flavor and fragrance through each.

Country: China
Region: Yunnan Province
Tasting Notes: rose, wood, balanced
Year of Production: 2004

1 kg


Brew temperature 210º F
Western style brewing 3-5 grams, 2-3 minute steep
Gaiwan style brewing  full, 20-30 sec steep

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