Spring Fortune

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The semi-oxidized leaves of this rare oolong from Lalashan, in northern Taiwan, are exquisite, varying in color from deep lime green to saddle brown. Also notable is the rich aroma, redolent of pineapple and cherry, in both the dry and infused leaf. The clear, slightly astringent flavor has a wonderfully round and lingering finish and lasts up to a dozen infusions.

An unusual processing method, in which the leaves rest in an oxygen-free environment for 18 hours at a low temperature, then sit, post-production, for a few months, greatly enhances the fragrance. This farmer has been experimenting with small batches for over thirty years, leading to completely unique styles of tea; his organic 5-acre farm sits at nearly 5,000 feet elevation in an area well known for peach cultivation.

Country: Taiwan
Region: Taoyuan County
Tasting Notes: nectar, pineapple, tomatillo
Harvest Season: Spring 2017

2 oz


Brew temperature 200º F
Western style brewing 4-5 grams, 2 minute steep
Gaiwan style brewing ½-¾ full, 20-30 sec steep

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