Masala Chai

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This vibrantly spicy chai recipe highlights a blend of aromatic elements—including three different types of peppercorns—over a rich and malty Assam tea base. When simmered with milk and sweetener, the fragrant, bold flavors of the spices are prominent and invigorating, with a long, warming aftertaste.

Ingredients: black tea, ginger, black pepper, allspice, cardamom, pink pepper, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg
Tasting Notes: spicy, peppery, rich
Year of Production: 2020

4 oz or 1 lb

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Brew temperature 210º F

Western style brewing 3-5 grams, 5 minute steep

Customer Reviews

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love it

best tea co. ever!! beautiful & fresh tea. really helpful customer service team. they got my xmas order out on time & corrected address problems quickly & efficiently. will definitely order again! thanks or the great service & wonderful teas!


Amazing customer service and amazing teas! We are all obsessed with the masala chai at the moment but love so many of your teas. Thank you!


Ever since an old favorite was discontinued eons ago, I've been on the hunt for a masala chai that doesn't just cover the usual bases -- cardamom, cinnamon, ginger -- but includes black pepper as an identifiable note. Something with a kick, basically. It took years (and years!), but In Pursuit of Tea's masala chai is my new gold standard.

I'm not a traditionalist, so I only make my chai with water and sugar instead of including milk. For this preparation, IPOT's chai is perfect. The tea itself is rich and bright, and the spices aren't overwhelmed by any one thing. It brews up beautifully spicy. If I had to complain about anything, it would be that a second steeping tends to be on the comparatively weak side, but that's hardly unusual. Overall, this has knocked my top teas from their spot and shouldered past. I'll definitely be rebuying.


always high level of service and product. Thank you for making my morning cup of tea a delight.


Good tea. A little peppery for my liking but it IS masala. When I heated it with milk and sugar the pepper really overtook the other flavors. Next time I'll just go with classic chai.


Love this tea but just expected it to be a bit more strongly flavored, especially since it is traditionally drunk with both milk and sugar. It’s a delightful tea, but becomes a bit diluted with milk. Wish it were just a touch bolder.


In my experience, good Chai is made by boiling the spices, not just steeping them with the tea. This proved true with this masala chai. The steeping just doesn't create a flavorful-enough brew.

Hi Roger, Max here from the IPOT team. Many typical masala chai preparations in India involve boiling tea leaves and spices directly in water and/or milk for a stronger brew that stands up to milk and sugar. If you're looking for a more robust chai you can absolutely treat this blend the same way. I suspect that will bring you much closer to the experience you're looking for.