Scarlet Glow

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Wake up with this lively, sweet and fruity blend of hibiscus, lemon verbena and linden. Naturally caffeine- and calorie-free, this herbal infusion displays a brilliant ruby-red color from the hibiscus flowers.

Particularly refreshing when served as iced tea; also available in teabags.

Ingredients: hibiscus flowers, lemon verbena, linden, stevia
Regions: Africa & Europe
Tasting Notes: tart, sweet, fruity

4 oz or 1 lb

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Brew temperature210º F
Western style brewing3-4 grams, 5 minute steep

Customer Reviews

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Amazing tea!

I’ve never had this kind of tea before so I don’t have anything to compare it to but like other teas I’ve tried from IPOT, it is really good! I don’t taste all of the flavors that come along with this tea, it tastes mostly like the lemon verbena but it still is a soothing decaf tea! I think this would be an amazing tea to drink if you’ve got a cold, since the lemon can be great for a sore throat.


We love In Pursuit Of Tea! It is truly fabulous, we have been ordering it for about 19 years. The people at In Pursuit Of Tea are absolutely fabulous, the girl that I spoke to could not have been more helpful she was fabulous too. The way that we found your tea was so many years ago when we visited Palm Beach in a famous restaurant there had yes and they were so kind and gave us a bag so that we could also order it. The sister restaurant we had visited in New York many times Danielle and this was his other restaurant in Palm Beach. My Husband won’t drink any other tea but yours. All the best, Shilah


Excellent tea! Love the flavor cold or hot!


It was great made as an iced tea. I added a little green tea to cut some of the floral notes. It was really refreshing.