Lu'an Heicha

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This is an aged tea, or heicha, with a unique, complex flavor and smooth texture. Made in Anhui Province, it has gone through wu doi, a pile-fermentation process, and was packed inside a woven bamboo basket in 2004. The sweet, tangy fragrance leads to notes of tobacco and earth, which mellow into a taste somewhere between a black tea and a shu pu-erh.

The jet-black leaves can be infused similarly to a pu-erh: after a quick initial rinse, steep several times in water just off a boil.

Country: China
Region: Anhui Province
Tasting Notes: tobacco, sourdough, hay
Year of Production: 2004

17.5 oz


Brew temperature 210º F
Western style brewing 3-5 grams, 3 minute steep
Gaiwan style brewing  full, 30 second steep