Matcha Gift Set

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Ready to bring matcha into your own home? Our Matcha Gift Set has everything you need to prepare and enjoy this traditional Japanese powdered tea: a 20g tin of Wako Matcha, a chasen (bamboo whisk), a white chasen stand, a chashaku (bamboo scoop). Add a beautiful white porcelain chawan (matcha bowl) for just $30.

Matcha is a special type of tea: a precious, vibrant-green powder made from hand-picked, high-grade Japanese tea. Enjoyed by Buddhist monks for centuries, it is the basis of the classic Japanese tea ceremony and is whisked with hot water in a bowl to make a creamy, healthful beverage.

To prepare matcha: Pour hot water into the chawan; discard and wipe the bowl dry. Sift 2 scoops (~2 grams) matcha into the chawan, then pour in 3 oz (⅓ cup) hot (190° F) water. Whisk vigorously with the chasen until foamy bubbles appear on top. Drink immediately.

Country: Japan
Region: Uji
Tasting Notes: toasty, grassy, comforting
Harvest Season: Spring 2022

Includes one 20g tin of Wako Matcha, one chasen, one white chasen stand, one chashaku, with an option to include one white porcelain chawan.