Shu Truffle Pu-erh Sample

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Try a small size—three servings—of our Shu Truffle Pu-erh tea. Click here to order regular retail sizes.

Perfect for enjoying pu-erh on the go, these individually portioned balls are formed from richly flavored shu-style leaves, which were hand-picked and processed in Yunnan Province in 2021.  Each contains approximately 6 grams of tea.

Unwrap and drop one into your cup or teapot, and rinse briefly with boiling water before steeping multiple infusions. The deep, loamy fragrance yields to a balanced flavor right from the start, with pleasantly earthy notes of mushroom and orange peel.

Country: China
Tasting Notes: eucalyptus, mushroom, earthy

Three servings


Brew temperature 210º F

Western style brewing 1 piece, 3 minute steep

Gaiwan style brewing 1 piece, 30 second steep